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Elastic Cloud Storage
File storage, sharing and online backup. Cloud storage that can be accessed directly from your desktop, without 3rd party apps. Download and share files in your cloud using a web browser. Experience elastic cloud storage that grows automatically with your storage needs.
Ideal solution for file storage, online backup, file sharing and image hosting!
Choose the size of your cloud
Storage billed monthly by default. Choose annual billing for 2 months free.
Your cloud is automatically resized and rebilled, one GB at a time, as it fills up.
Choose annual billing - 2 months free!

Desktop Access
Connect to your storage directly from your desktop with WebDAV or SSH. Native support on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. No 3rd party apps required!
Cloud Sharing
Files can be shared without requiring a username or password. Use your cloud storage as a simple web server for static files, such as images.
Online Backup
Set up automatic backup of your system with any client that supports SSH or WebDAV. Furthermore, you can use rsync over SSH to set up your own backup system.

Developer API
Access is provided using HTTP over SSL with Basic Authentication. Use standard GET, PUT/POST and DELETE commands to download, upload and delete files.
Mount Device
Mount your cloud storage locally with SFTP Net Drive or Win-SSHFS for Windows, Fuse for Mac OS X, or sshfs and fuse for Linux (available in your package manager).
SSH Access
You will find standard basic Linux/GNU utilities available to help you manipulate your files. Furthermore, use utilities such as scp to copy files to or from your local folder.
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