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NetHut is your non-stop provider of secure, hosted internet services. Our Linux hosting plans feature powerful management tools for businesses, professionals and the occasional blogger. We partner with the brands you trust to bring you the most secure platform available to manage your internet presence.
We have been at the front lines of an evolving internet since 1998, and have accumulated in-depth knowledge of the ever changing threats confronted by businesses with a strong internet presence.
  • 1,000 clients in 18 countries
  • 4,000 registered domains
  • and growing!
  • Founded September 18, 1998
  • Organization ID 980091724
  • VAT ID MVA980091724NO
Postboks 163
NO-4358 Kleppe
Phone: +47 45 10 37 62
Bitmessage: BM-NBLH4ZYSW2pnHqbBEyqM1XahWAdbdPnM
IBAN account: NO65 9235 3385 269
Domestic account#: 9235 33 85269

Power your website with bank-grade two-factor authentication.

Protect and accelerate any website.

Fast, powerful & reliable enterprise protection.
Postboks 163
NO-4358 Kleppe
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